Terms & Cond.

Terms  and Conditions

1. The hire charge  is to be paid in full before any equipment may be removed from our premises  or delivery is made.

2. All hire charge  rates quoted are per week or part thereof.

3. Hires can not  be cancelled once they have been collected. Therefore no refunds will be given  for early return of the equipment.

4. All or part  of the deposit will be forfeited if the hired equipment is damaged.

5. Any equipment  not returned on time will be subject to ongoing hire charges.

6. The Hirer assumes  total responsibility for the full replacement cost of all hired equipment,  should it not be returned or is returned damaged. The Hirer is also liable  for ongoing hire charges until full settlement is made.

7. Where appropriate  a number of spare lamps will be provided. All failed lamps must be returned  for inspection, non returned lamps will be charged for. Lamps must not be  touched with bare hands.

8. All equipment  hired must be installed by a qualified electrician or equally competent person.  This person should inspect and test the hired equipment prior to its use.  Stage Lighting Services cannot accept responsibility for damage to buildings,  property or personal injury caused by the use of hired equipment that has  been incorrectly installed, used or damaged in transit.

9. Returned cables  must be coiled and taped. Failure to do this will result in a charge of   1.00 per cable being made.

10. No Repairs  whatsoever are to be carried out on hired equipment. This includes the changing  of plug tops and connectors unless authorised by Stage Lighting Services,  A 2.00 charge per item being made for the refitting plug tops and  connectors.

11. Any fault or  failure of equipment must be notified immediately to Stage Lighting Services  otherwise the full hire charge will apply.

12. The Hirer agrees  to grant Stage Lighting Services full access to the hired equipment for examination,  service, repair or to repossess the hired equipment.

13. All hired equipment  remains the property of Stage Lighting Services and must be surrendered on  request. The venue where it is to be used must be notified prior to collection.  The hired equipment must not be moved to another location without prior notification  and consent from Stage Lighting Services.

14. The signing  of the hire agreement form confirms acceptance of all of the above Terms and  Conditions by the Hirer and the Organisation they represent. i.e. Theatre,  School, Church, Drama Group, Association, Business or Company.

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